Bill appreciates the unique circumstances of each one of his clients.  He will leap tall piles of legal briefs in a single bound to ensure their interests are not trampled by the machinery of the criminal justice system.

Bill is a partner at ALG with a broad trial practice.  He appears regularly at all levels of court in Ontario and defends people charged with a wide range of criminal offences including sexsomnia, improvident dam opening, nuclear parts sales, and G-20 protesting. Bill represents many people charged with impaired driving and other motor vehicle offences. He frequently represents union members throughout Ontario who find themselves accused of crimes and is pre-approved by the Power Workers’ Union Protection Plan.  He speaks regularly at criminal law conferences.  He is also the Public Affairs Liaison and is on the executive committee of the Ontario Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section.

Bill obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in political studies and economics from Queen’s University. He later got a Masters of Arts in political science, with a focus on international relations, as well as a law degree from the University of Toronto. He was called to the bar in 2005.

Bill  has a special interest in the law and mental disorder. He has helped many people who struggle with mental health issues navigate the criminal justice system.

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